Helping Teachers Help Students

HomeCare Management Corporation has established behavioral programs within a number of school systems throughout North Carolina with impressive results:

  • Fewer discipline referrals
  • Fewer in-school suspensions
  • Fewer out-of-school suspensions
  • Increased focus and attention to classroom work

HomeCare's experienced Qualified Professionals work with each school system to meet their unique needs in managing the behavioral challenges presented by students and to provide school aides for disabled children. In some cases this means assigning a one-on-one worker to a single student for much of the time they are in school; in other cases, school-based behavioral technicians may be assigned to work with several students during the day, moving about as needs and behaviors indicate. On other occasions, school-based behavioral technicians may assist school counselors by taking students out of the classroom on a periodic basis to work with them as a group in developing anger management skills, demonstrating appropriate respect for authority and following school rules, or in other areas identified by the principal, counselors and teachers. Most often, HomeCare provides a combination of these and other services as requested.

The advantage to the school system of contracting with HomeCare Management is that teachers are freed up to teach, while students receive mentoring and assistance in developing the skills they need to control their behavior and improve their functioning in the classroom. The advantage to administrators is that HomeCare Management has specially trained school aides for disabled children, supervised by Qualified Professionals, with back-up staff when needed.