Community Based Rehabilitation Services, often referred to as Early Intervention, is a program in North Carolina for children with special needs. These services work with parents of special needs children under age three. A state certified “Infant, Toddler, & Family Specialist” or “Early Interventionist” supports you in meeting the developmental needs of your child, helping you gain the confidence, knowledge and skills to help your child reach his full potential. This professional helps you:

  • Understand how your child learns
  • Work on your child’s communication skills
  • Teach your child social and play skills
  • Develop your child’s behavioral and emotional skills
  • Develop your child’s self help skills, such as eating and sleeping routines.

Services are provided in your home, day care or other natural setting. Your HOMECAREprofessional will teach you ways to help your child by interacting with your child in ways that stimulate his development, engaging in simple activities using common materials.

HOMECARE is proud to be a resource for the families we serve, providing them with information, skills and supports to meet their individual needs. If needed, we can also refer you to other programs in North Carolina for children with special needs, including therapy and services for autistic children.