Developmental Therapy is designed to teach independent living skills to consumers with developmental disabilities. It helps them learn daily life skills that they may have not have learned during the usual developmental stages of life and are not likely to develop without additional training and supports. The service is based upon the unique strength and needs of each consumer. For children, Developmental Therapy may focus on self-help, language and cognitive development, and psychosocial skills. For adults, Developmental Therapy may focus on strengthening self-care, mobility, socialization and independent living skills and on developing strengths in self-advocacy.

Developmental Therapy is available to consumers who are not included on the CAP/MR-DD waiver. As with CAP/MR-DD, a Person Centered Plan (PCP) is developed by the consumer, guardian, Targeted Case Manager and other team members, including the Qualified Professional from HomeCare Management Corporation. The Targeted Case Manager obtains authorization for the types of services provided, the specific interventions to be used, and the number of hours the service is provided.

While an individual may receive no more than four hours of Developmental Services a day, Medicaid Personal Care Services may sometimes be used if there are additional needs for physical care and support. HomeCare Management provides Medicaid PCS as well as Developmental Therapy. All staff members function as a team to provide high quality comprehensive services that help teach independent living skills and daily life skills that consumers need to function on their own.