Our Code of Ethics

HOMECARE Management Corporation is a member of the North Carolina Community Support Providers Council and subscribes to its Code of Ethics. All employees and volunteers are bound by the Council’s code, the ethics code of their respective professions, and the standards listed below.

All employees and volunteers will:

  1. Give the interests and needs of the consumer first priority in decision making. Each employee and volunteer is expected to place service to the consumer before material gain.
  2. Treat all individuals with dignity and with respect for their fundamental rights.
  3. Respect the diversity of cultural, religious, and social backgrounds of consumers and all others.
  4. Refuse to engage in behavior or remarks that would be considered by most reasonable people to be derogatory, sarcastic, or inappropriate.
  5. Protect the confidentiality of consumers and their families.
  6. Maintain a professional relationship with all consumers, maintaining and respecting the boundaries of the therapeutic relationship. No employee or volunteer will accept services, resources, or goods, paid or unpaid, from a consumer, with the exception of small tokens of appreciation, such as a card drawn by a consumer. Report all such gifts to the supervisor.
  7. Refrain from using confidential information to harm the consumer or further their own interests in any way.
  8. Be truthful and accurate in describing the services HOMECARE can provide and the benefits that may result.
  9. Respect the consumer’s freedom to choose a way of life, services received, and the provider of those services. Strive to ensure that consumers and families are involved in planning services, and respect their wishes.
  10. Be wise stewards of the public money, not falsifying expenses or work performed in any manner.
  11. Not take advantage of a supervisory position for personal gain of any type.
  12. Refuse to indulge in any behavior with a consumer that is illegal or would be considered inappropriate by most reasonable people. This includes suggestive or explicitly sexual behavior, viewing pornographic material, the use of alcohol or illegal drugs, or gambling.
  13. Refrain from soliciting consumers served by other agencies to enter into a relationship with HOMECARE. Employees and volunteers will not misrepresent themselves, HOMECARE, or other providers. Refuse to offer gifts or other inducements, other than inexpensive marketing materials provided by the Corporation, to persuade consumers to chose HOMECARE for services.
  14. Refuse to offer gifts or other inducements, other than inexpensive marketing materials provided by the Corporation, to obtain referrals to HOMECARE.
  15. Refuse to make initial contact with employees of other agencies to induce them to work for HOMECARE.
  16. Refrain from soliciting clients or employees to leave HOMECARE for another provider after the employee or volunteer leaves HOMECARE.
  17. Promptly report any suspicions of the abuse, neglect or exploitation of a consumer. Prevent such abuse, neglect or exploitation whenever possible.
  18. Do everything in my power to protect consumers against behavior that could cause physical or psychological harm.
  19. Refrain from discrimination against consumers or applicants based on race, gender, color, creed, national origin, age, or disability.

We recognize that it is not always clear and easy to make ethical decisions. Whenever there is doubt, it is the responsibility of each individual to consult with his or her supervisor and to discuss the issue with other respected professionals.